What We Do

Our Theory of Change

We work to find new models of small-scale rural production systems that benefit both nature and society. Reducing deforestation and environmental degradation in Indonesia requires the development of rural production systems that are both sustainable and beneficial to rural households. Rural households in Indonesia are typically poorer than urban households, and local and indigenous communities often do not have their rights to land and resources recognised. Industrial scale concessions as well fisheries operations have often deprived rural households from accessing their land and resources without providing viable alternatives while also degrading the natural environment. 

Farmers are actors who directly use land for producing agricultural commodities. They face different challenges depending on the type of commodities produced, their connection to the market, and the behavior of farmers influenced by geographical and demographic conditions.

 The purpose of our existence as an organization for the next five years is:

“to work with farmers, including younger generations, to protect nature”.


Fire agricultural practices for indigenous farmers​

restoration - based village economy

sustainable production of commodities with international market​

non- timber forest products in conservation areas​

non- timber forest products in conservation areas​

Market & Jurisdictional Approach

jurisdiction sourcing for commodities with international market​

creating market access for less known agricultural commodities​

institutions for good land management for sustainable farming​

Where We Work