What We Do

We support farmers to prosper

Farmers are supported to participate in sustainable commodity supply chains to benefit economically while protecting the environment. Farmers should have maps of their farmland and registration letters (surat tanda daftar budidaya or STDB) to receive government support and, ultimately, sustainability certification.

Mapping Smallholders

  • 6268 farmers mapped (19,258 ha) in Kotawaringin Barat, Seruyan & Gunung Mas Districts
  • 575 farmers mapped (1110 ha) in Fakfak District

Registering smallholders

  • 656 farmers in Central Kalimantan Province have obtained STDB
  • Developed an online system, e-STDB, for the Ministry of Agriculture to streamline the issuance of STDB

Improving agricultural practices

  • 1400 oil palm farmers obtained RSPO certification in Central Kalimantan Province
  • 100 indigenous nutmeg farmers organized and trained in Fakfak District

Upscaling: establishing district facility for supporting smallholders

  • Agricultural Facility in Seruyan District established to support farmers
  • Single internal control system is established to provide services to farmers for achieving RSPO certification

We support Indigenous People to thrive

Inobu supports the acknowledgement of indigenous people’s (IP) rights by mapping IP territories, drafting local regulations and aligning customary rules with conservation priorities. Eventually, IP rights acknowledgment should contribute to improving the welfare of indigenous communities.

Mapping & registration IP territories

  • Mapping 7 Petuanan territories in Fakfak district 
  • Identifying customary forests in 28 villages in Kotawaringin Barat District
  • Mapping 6 indigenous communities in Seruyan District

Drafting local regulations for IP rights acknowledgement

  • Provincial Regulation almost finalized in West Papua Province
  • District Regulation drafted for Fakfak District

Aligning customary rules with conservation priorities

  • Dialogues between IP groups in Fakfak District to integrate conservation priorities in their customary rules and institutions

Economic empowerment

  • Piloting fire free agricultural practices in one village in Kotawaringin Barat District
  •  Promoting village economies through nutmeg and coconut programs

We apply jurisdictional approaches to reduce deforestation

Inobu is working with multiple stakeholders to implement jurisdictional conservation and fire management strategies to reduce deforestation at the provincial and district levels using government regulatory tools.

Identifying areas for production vs. protection

  • Conducted carrying capacity (DDDTLH) assessments to identify areas for production & protection in Seruyan, Kotawaringin Barat & Fakfak Districts
  • Carrying out strategic environmental (KLHS) assessments to integrate DDDTLH into planning documents in Seruyan District & Central Kalimantan Province
  • Developing an online platform for local  governments to carry out DDDTLH  and national government to validate KLHS

Agreement on deforestation reduction & restoration targets

  •  Developing deforestation reduction targets in the REDD+ strategy documents for Central Kalimantan and West Papua Provinces as well as Seruyan District

Issuing local regulations for forest protection & restoration

  • Support the issuance of local regulations for forest protection and restoration, particularly outside state forests, in Seruyan & Kotawaringin Barat Districts

Implementation & Monitoring

  • Community-based restoration piloted in 5 villages
  •  Building a district-wide biodiversity monitoring system

We apply jurisdictional approaches to reduce social conflicts in commodity production

Inobu is working with multiple stakeholders to implement jurisdictional standard operating procedures for conflict prevention and handling in commodity production.

Conflict typology & human rights impact assessment

  • Conflict typology assessment carried out in Seruyan District
  •  Human rights impact assessment in oil palm production in Seruyan & Kotawaringin Barat Districts

Development of standard operating procedures

  • SOP for conflict registration completed in Seruyan & developed in Kotawaringin Barat Districts
  •  SOP for conflict prevention being developed in Seruyan & Kotawaringin Barat Districts

Local regulations for conflict prevention & handling

  • The draft of local regulation on conflict registration almost finalized in Seruyan District
  •  The draft of local regulation on conflict prevention developed in Seruyan District

Implementation & Monitoring

  • Piloting conflict registration in 20 villages in Seruyan & Kotawaringin Barat Districts
  • Developing an online system for registering conflicts and monitoring conflict resolution

We connect sustainable jurisdictions with premium markets

Producers making the transition towards sustainability should receive incentives – particularly market incentives. We are currently working to connect sustainable jurisdictions producing palm oil and nutmeg with premium markets.

Connecting farmers with buyer companies

  •  Connecting sustainable oil palm smallholders with consumer goods companies such as Unilever
  • Creating markets for Papuan nutmeg and its derivative products

Piloting RSPO jurisdictional certification

  • Participating in the RSPO Working Group for Jurisdictional Certification
  • Piloting the concept of RSPO Jurisdictional Certification in Seruyan and Kotawaringin Barat Districts

Developing a national platform to link sustainable jurisdictions with palm oil buyers

Piloting the Terpercaya Initiative, a national system, to measure the performance of local governments and to communicate the sustainability of Indonesian districts to palm oil buyers

Jurisdictional sourcing

  •  Piloting conflict registration in 20 villages in Seruyan & Kotawaringin Barat Districts
  • Developing an online system for registering conflicts and monitoring conflict resolution