What We Do

We support farmers to participate in sustainable commodity supply chains to benefit economically while protecting the environment

  • Around 7000 farmers mapped and 656 of them obtain a registration letter (STDB)
  • 1400 oil palm farmers obtained RSPO certification in Central Kalimantan Province
  • 100 indigenous nutmeg farmers organized and trained in Fakfak District
  • An online system, e-STDB, for registering farmers develop for the Ministry of Agriculture

We support the acknowledgement of indigenous people’s (IP) rights and improving the welfare of indigenous communities

  • All IP territories in Fakfak district mapped & customary forests in 28 villages in Kotawaringin Barat identified
  • 2 regulation draft for IP right acknowledgement completed
  • Conservation priorities integrated in customary rules and institutions

We apply jurisdictional approaches to reduce deforestation by working with multiple stakeholders

  • Environmental carrying capacity carried out for 3 districts and 1 province to identify areas for production vs. protection
  • Agreement on deforestation reduction targets in 2 districts and 2 province
  • Local regulations drafted for forest protection & restoration in 2 districts
  • Community-based restoration piloted in 5 villages
  • A district-wide biodiversity monitoring system is being designed

We apply jurisdictional approaches to reduce social conflicts in commodity production Standard Operating Procedures

  • Standard Operating Procedures on conflict registration and prevention developed for 2 districts and formalized by local regulations
  • Social conflicts registered in 20 villages in Seruyan & Kotawaringin Barat District
  • An online system for registering social conflicts and monitoring conflict resolution

We connect sustainable jurisdictions with premium markets to provide incentives for sustainable commodity production

  • Create markets for Papuan nutmeg and its derivative products
  • Connect sustainable oil palm smallholders with consumer goods companies such as Unilever
  • Support RSPO Working Group for Jurisdictional Certification & pilot the jurisdictional certification process in Seruyan and Kotawaringin Barat Districts
  • Pilot the Terpercaya Initiative, a national system, to measure the performance of local governments and to communicate the sustainability of Indonesian districts to palm oil buyers.