Women in the Papuan Nutmeg Supply Chain

  The role of women is one of the important aspects in nutmeg trade. An Inobu-AKAPe study conducted in 2018 in Fakfak District, West Papua, illustrated both the empirical reasons and policies that underpin the importance of women’s roles. This paper briefly reveals domestic problems faced by women, which begins with their participation in the […]

Restoring the Nutmeg’s Glory

  Quintessential kitchen spices for cooking Aceh’s various culinary are arranged to become the object for photographers who took part in a photo contest at the Aceh Museum, Banda Aceh, May 15, 2017. The Aceh International Halal Food Festival will be held next August. TEMPO/ADI WARSIDI By Bernadinus Steni – Researcher in Yayasan Inobu The […]

To conserve West Papua, start with land rights and forget past mistakes

Planet satellite image of Sipatnanam, Fakfak Regency, September 2018. Image: Planet/Mongabay ANALYSIS:  By Bernadinus Steni and Daniel Nepstad Large landscapes of intact tropical forests will figure prominently in global strategies to avert catastrophic climate change and conserve biodiversity. In this context, the extensive forests of Papua and West Papua provinces in Indonesia are now becoming the […]

Getting villages on board is a key challenge for tackling climate change in Indonesia

Reforestation projects like this have been hard to come by Since 2015, the government has been distributing funds to villages to boost the country’s economic development. But the money is often spent on infrastructure projects instead of climate-related works. In 2015, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia, committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 29% by 2030 (equivalent […]

How Indonesia’s government can get villagers to help with the climate crisis

By Silvia Irawan (Executive Director, Yayasan Inobu) In 2015, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia, committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 29% by 2030 (equivalent to 832.01 million tonnes of CO2 by 2030, compared to what it was then on course for). It said it was prepared to go up to 41% with support from international donors. According […]

Climate Change and the Role of Districts

The public has recognized the issue of climate change and its impacts. Indonesia’s seriousness in addressing the issue of climate change has been proven by ratifying the Paris Agreement in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This commitment is then comprehensively translated or integrated into planning documents at the national level. The […]

Can jurisdictional certification curb palm oil deforestation in Indonesia? (commentary)

Orangutan in Tanjung Puting National Park. Parts of the Park in Seruyan Were Allocated for oil palm plantations. Photo by Rhett A. Butler Commentary by John Watts; Dan Nepstad; and Silvia Irawan on 10 July 2019 In this commentary, Dan Nepstad of Earth Innovation Institute and John Watts and Silvia Irawan of Inovasi Bumi argue that the […]