Sustainable Sourcing

Global commodity supply chains connect production regions with consumers across the world. In recent decades, the expansion of commodity production in the Tropics has been a leading cause of deforestation and environmental degradation. Consumers are increasingly demanding goods that have been produced sustainably and responsibly. To achieve this, consumer goods companies and manufacturers need to connect with farmers and agribusinesses that are sustainably cultivating and harvesting commodities in rural landscapes and seascapes. The relationships between companies and producers should be mutually beneficial and enable local communities to sustainably produce and thrive, while having their rights acknowledged and respected. 

Focal areas:

  • Jurisdictional and landscape approaches to sustainable commodity production 
  • Tropical commodity supply chains 
  • Adding value to tropical commodities from small-scale producers

“Sustainable sourcing is an art of engaging private sector, convincing and earn trust from both private sector and farmers. Farmers education especially on market standards is essential to enhance farmers' product acceptance in the future. Our unit plays a major role in translating market demand for farmers' products through insights regarding the standard market outlook and other requirements to improve farmers' products in an effort to become part of the supply chain so as to provide added value to farmers."