Our Expertise

At the heart of Inobu’s approach, is the concept of collaborative applied research. Before commencing any work, we work with our partners, in government, civil society organizations, companies, farmers, and local communities, to identify their priorities. Through researching best practices in science, while incorporating local and indigenous knowledge; we test, implement, evaluate and refine innovations. This approach ensures their relevance to and acceptability among local partners while also allowing us to scale nationally. 

Since 2019, we have been convening a network of local civil society organizations, which are led by indigenous communities in each of their regions, to improve collaborative, applied research in the topics of conservation and restoration, agri-food systems, sustainable sourcing, community development, and environmental and social governance.

Agri-food Systems

Agri-food Systems As the climate changes with temperatures rising, and more extreme and unpredictable weather, rural households in Indonesia face

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Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing Global commodity supply chains connect production regions with consumers across the world. In recent decades, the expansion of

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Community Development

Community Development Despite the potential of jurisdictional and landscape initiatives to solving environmental and social harm, there is a need

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