Conservation and Restoration

As the twenty-first century progresses, traditional approaches to conservation are no longer sufficient to prevent the loss of biodiversity, forests, and other terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Innovative approaches to conservation and restoration, which work beyond the boundaries of protected areas, and bring together local communities, indigenous peoples, local governments, and the private sector are needed. 

Focal areas:

  • Jurisdictional approaches to sustainability
  • Community-based restoration
  • Indigenous Peoples and Conservation

“I realized that development can continue without sacrificing nature and the environment, as long as we can truly adopt sustainable principles. The Conservation and Restoration unit has a critical function in terms of environmental interventions, both technically and strategically. Through our research related to biodiversity, ecosystem restoration, and environmental services, our unit can provide support and guidance to the community, government and private sector in the implementation of environmental protection and management activities in a sustainable manner.”