Agri-food Systems

As the climate changes with temperatures rising, and more extreme and unpredictable weather, rural households in Indonesia face increasing challenges to survive and thrive. Farmers not only need to feed themselves, but also earn enough income to pay for expenses and improve their living standards. Rather than focusing on single commodities or crops, an agri-food systems approach, allows farmers to develop an integrated approach, using forests, farms, and aquaculture, to sustainably meet their nutrition requirements and ensure stable, diversified incomes. 

Focal areas:

  • Climate change adaptation 
  • Agri-food systems
  • Regenerative Agriculture

The Agri-food Systems unit is a team with a vision of finding models to increase incomes and food security under the pressures of climate change and market fluctuations. At Inobu, our role is to support decision-making to transform food agriculture and food security systems, both through regenerative and innovative agricultural systems and climate resilience agricultural systems, which are now a global issue.