Group certification for MSMEs: Self compliance of SVLK

Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) is a system to ensure that timber-based products are legally sourced and produced. Recently SVLK has been transformed into Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas dan Kelestarian, highlighting that SVLK certification as proof of both legality and sustainability.

To harvest timbers, producers should have appropriate licenses as stipulated by the regulations. The wood-processing industry buys the legal logs and turns them into products such as sawn timber and furniture.

The timber producer and wood enterprises must verify that the products are produced from legal sources. The timber legality verification is done via legal documents checking against the reality in the field. Business actors in the forest product industry along the supply chain are required to obtain SVLK certification, including micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), such as forest farmers and small and medium forest product processors.

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Group certification for MSMEs: Self-compliance of SVLK



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