Ecosystem Restoration Seruyan District

Tanjung Rangas is one of the pilot villages for community-based ecosystem restoration in Seruyan District. It is adjacent to Tanjung Puting National Park which is one of the main habitats for Bornean orangutans. Every year, recurrent land fires occur in the village due to damage to the surrounding ecosystem. 423.000 hectares of land including the riparian ecosystem in Seruyan & Kelua rivers are planned to be restored by the Seruyan District Government. Village RTRW had been drafted as a base for development programs which were in line with spatial planning at the district level meanwhile the restoration team was established and officialized under the Head of Village Decree 38/2019.In the process, a restoration plan is prepared by considering the ecological aspects, economic & social. A nursery and planning also built together to achieve the success of restoration activities.