Community Development

Despite the potential of jurisdictional and landscape initiatives to solving environmental and social harm, there is a need to practically implement these approaches at the community and farm level.  The process of translating larger scale initiatives into tangible, positive outcomes for local communities and rural households requires a process of learning by doing and continual improvement. In many instances, there may be gaps where larger scale initiatives are not directly leading to positive changes at the local level, and further innovations, in terms of practices and institutions, at the community or village level are needed. This collaborative, applied research approach is essential for transforming policies into positive practices and impacts. 

Focal areas:

  • Smallholder certification at scale 
  • Platforms for farmer learning 
  • Institutions for farmer innovation 

I am always interested to see options for solving problems that are often experienced by farmers such as low production and quality, fluctuating prices and uncertain access to markets. Our unit is a Community Development unit. At Inobu we play a role in introducing scientifically appropriate cultivation practices, trying to change behavior towards sustainability, and introducing innovations and technologies that are easy to apply to increase productivity and income of the assisted communities.