The Mosaik Initiative: Finding new models of small-scale rural production systems for nature and society

The Mosaik Initiative aims to protect and restore landscapes while improving the welfare of farmers and indigenous peoples. These landscapes are also the places where globally important commodities, such as oil palm, rubber and copra are produced. The Seruyan-Bedaun Landscape incorporates the two districts of Seruyan and Kotawaringin Barat, in Central Kalimantan, which also encompasses […]

Unilever Partnership

Unilever Partnership for conservation, supply chain sustainability and sustainable economic development in Central Kalimantan Unilever has initiated a partnership with Yayasan Inobu to support Seruyan and Kotawaringin Barat to achieve sustainability commodity production in both districts. Through a jurisdictional approach, commodities should be produced in a way that protects forests and other ecosystems, reduces poverty […]

Jurisdiction Certification

The jurisdictional approach to the certification of palm oil in practice refers to the application of the RSPO Principles and Criteria at the level of the jurisdiction. Ideally, it should simplify and reduce the costs of certification thus expanding RSPO coverage while improving social and environmental outcomes. All actors in the palm oil supply chain, […]


The European Forest Institute’s EU REDD Facility and Inobu are leading a study that maps and screens jurisdictional approaches to demonstrating the sustainability of forest and agricultural production. The Terpercaya Study takes its name from the Indonesian word terpercaya, meaning ‘trustworthy’, as it aims to generate credible information and analysis. It should inform and improve […]