Annual Report 2019

2019 was a year highlighted with abundant experiences and lessons learned. Inobu studied sustainable rural development models. One of our studies was the diverse typology of planters in Indonesia who had different behaviors in relation to the sustainability standard. This diverse typology study required different interventions. We also explored the action research methodology after several […]

Testing Terpercaya indicators of district sustainability

By creating incentives for sustainable production, the Terpercaya approach has the potential to resolve the trade-offs between commodity production and environmental protection, including the production of palm oil. The approach relies on synergies between government authorities and different actors to achieve common goals. Democratically elected local governments play a central role as they have both […]

Monitoring jurisdictional sustainability in Indonesian commodity production: Progress and next steps

This briefing outlines how the project has developed a set of indicators to track progress towards sustainability, through a process involving input from the Indonesian Government, the private sector and civil society. It discusses next steps for testing and refining the indicators, and options for hosting and implementing the jurisdictional performance monitoring system. It ends […]

Why jurisdictional sustainability matters for commodity producers and how it can be measured in Indonesia

The Terpercaya project aims to build shared understanding of what jurisdictional sustainability is in Indonesia, and what indicators can best measure and track progress towards jurisdictional sustainability in a transparent way. The 22 selected indicators are grounded in Indonesian law. They are designed to both evaluate the performance of the jurisdictions and demonstrate the benefits […]

Tracking progress to jurisdictional sustainability: Towards a shortlist of key indicators

This is the third of a series of briefings published within the framework of the Terpercaya study on ‘tracking sustainable palm oil and defining jurisdictional sustainability at scale’, which was launched in April 2018.1 It is implemented by Inobu and the European Forest Institute, with regular inputs from an Advisory Committee co-chaired by the Delegation […]

Bridging Indonesian laws, the SDGs and commodity certification criteria for defining district sustainability

This Briefing starts by outlining the benefits of measuring sustainability at subnational jurisdiction level. It then outlines some possible components of jurisdictional sustainability and explores how the SDGs could help bridge certification standards with laws and regulations. It ends with some reflections on how the review of possible indicators for measuring progress towards jurisdictional sustainability […]

Women in the Papuan Nutmeg Supply Chain

  The role of women is one of the important aspects in nutmeg trade. An Inobu-AKAPe study conducted in 2018 in Fakfak District, West Papua, illustrated both the empirical reasons and policies that underpin the importance of women’s roles. This paper briefly reveals domestic problems faced by women, which begins with their participation in the […]

Restoring the Nutmeg’s Glory

  Quintessential kitchen spices for cooking Aceh’s various culinary are arranged to become the object for photographers who took part in a photo contest at the Aceh Museum, Banda Aceh, May 15, 2017. The Aceh International Halal Food Festival will be held next August. TEMPO/ADI WARSIDI By Bernadinus Steni – Researcher in Yayasan Inobu The […]

To conserve West Papua, start with land rights and forget past mistakes

Planet satellite image of Sipatnanam, Fakfak Regency, September 2018. Image: Planet/Mongabay ANALYSIS:  By Bernadinus Steni and Daniel Nepstad Large landscapes of intact tropical forests will figure prominently in global strategies to avert catastrophic climate change and conserve biodiversity. In this context, the extensive forests of Papua and West Papua provinces in Indonesia are now becoming the […]