Azrin Rasuwin

Treasury Azrin Rasuwin is our Treasurer and a financial expert with over 25 years of professional experience working in public and corporate finance in Indonesia. Azrin holds a Master Degree in Tax Administration Policy from the University of Indonesia. He has worked with intergovernmental organisations such as the World Bank, non-government organisations and private companies, […]

Bernadinus Steni

Chief Legal Officer Bernadinues Steni is our Chief Legal Officer and an Environmental Lawyer with a Master of Law from the University of Indonesia and a Bachelor of Law from Gadjah Mada University. Steni has extensive experience providing legal assistance to indigenous peoples and local communities, especially in relation to natural resources. He has published […]

Silvia Irawan

Executive Director Silvia Irawan, our Executive Director, holds a PhD in Environmental Management and Development from the Australian National University, an M.S. in Environmental Management from the National University of Singapore, and a B.S. in Animal Husbandry from Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia. Silvia has extensive experience in research and analysis to support rural and […]