Mapping Indigenous Land to Support Sustainable Development in Fakfak

In an attempt to achieve sustainable development for indigenous communities, the Kingdom (Petuanan) of Fatagar has planned to map its ancestral territory in Fakfak District, West Papua. On Thursday (2/7), the head of Petuanan Fatagar, Nadi Taufiq Heru Uswanas, held a customary meeting at Istana Raja, Jl. Isak Telussa, Fakfak, to discuss the plan to […]

A new consensus on measuring the sustainability of Indonesian districts

As debates rage across the world on how to stop tropical deforestation caused by agricultural commodities, a unique experiment to develop a consensus on measuring and promoting sustainable commodity production ended its first phases. The Terpercaya Advisory Committee, a multistakeholder committee led by the Indonesian government and the EU delegation to Indonesia, completed its fourth […]