Sutiyana: Leading cooperative with rapid business development

Sutiyana, a group leader in Tani Subur Village Unit Cooperative (KUD) in Pangkalan Tiga Village, Pangkalan Lada District, Central Kalimantan. For 13 years, Sutiyana, a man born in Boyolali, has led Tani Subur village unit cooperative (KUD) in Pangkalan Tiga Village, Pangkalan Lada District, West Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan. His leadership helped KUD Tani Subur develop […]

Yurisdiksi Berkelanjutan bagi Kepala Daerah Terpilih

HIRUK pikuk pilkada 2020 usai sudah. Kini kepala daerah terpilih dituntut untuk membawa daerahnya agar ‘laku’ dalam persaingan mendapatkan pasar tujuan hasil produksi dari wilayah mereka. Diproyeksikan bahwa pasca pandemi, produk pertanian dan perkebunan merupakan andalan. Namun, tuntutan pasar negara-negara maju terhadap hasil pertanian dan perkebunan Indonesia makin bertambah. Saat ini, instrumen utama Uni Eropa adalah […]

New post – Publications

By creating incentives for sustainable production, the Terpercaya approach has the potential to resolve the trade-offs between commodity production and environmental protection, including the production of palm oil. The approach relies on synergies between government authorities and different actors to achieve common goals. Democratically elected local governments play a central role as they have both […]

Muazzatul Faridah

Program Assistant Mu’azzatul Faridah is a Program Assistant, which mainly provides full support for our Program team. Mumu is responsible for compiling work plan, budgeting, proposal and reporting, as well as communicate and work closely with project partners to ensure our targets are accomplished in accordance with the timeline, deadline, budget and expected deliverables. Mumu […]

Madina Dwi Panuntun

Partnership Assistant Madina Dwi Panuntun is a Partnership Assistant, with main responsibility to support and maintain our partnership with donor, local government, NGOs, and media. Madina obtained her bachelor’s degree in Forestry from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in 2019. Prior to joining Inobu in August 2020, Madina has supported the Center of Academic Innovation and […]

Nurul Hidayah

Program Officer (Restoration) Nurul Hidayah is Program Officer, with main responsibilities to coordinate and facilitate our restoration program, including work closely with local communities in selected villages for the program in Kabupaten Seruyan, Central of Kalimantan. Nurul obtained her bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and Horticulture from IPB University. Prior to joining Inobu in July 2020, […]

Istu Septania

Communication Officer Istu Septania is a Communication Officer in Inobu, mainly responsible to coordinate social media outreach as well as create and edit contents published on Inobu’s blog and social media channels. Istu obtained her bachelor’s degree in English Letters from Sanata Dharma University. Prior to joining Inobu in July 2020, Istu worked as a […]

Adella Adiningtyas

Communication Assistant Adella Adiningtyas is one of our Communication Assistants in Inobu. Della mainly provides support in creating, developing and uploading social media contents and publications to be accessible for public in various forms from newsletter, articles, etc., based on our research findings. Graduating from IPB University with bachelor’s degree in Communication and Community Development, […]

Rosdiana: Regreen the Earth for Orangutan Habitat and Local Economy

Ibu Rosdiana, 50, a member of the restoration team in Tanjung Hanau Village in Seruyan, Central Kalimantan. The residents of Tanjung Hanau Village, Seruyan, Central Kalimantan, will have forest areas from the community-led restoration activities. Residents will plant saplings in an area with a total area of ​​10 hectares, which is part of the regency-scale […]