Annual Report 2020

The year 2020 will continue to be remembered as the year when the Covid-19 pandemic started, which to this day has not yet ended. Inobu has to bid farewell to Mrs. Irmijati Rachmi Nurbahar, Inobu’s Supervisory Board, and Mr. Esau A. Tambang, Head of the Central Kalimantan Environment Agency, who is Inobu’s partner. We will always remember and continue their contributions to smallholders, rural development, and the environment.

Social restrictions due to the pandemic had halted many Inobu’s activities so that several work plans for 2020 had to be adapted to conditions on the ground. After several months of activities being suspended from April to July 2020, we have finally shifted to virtual meetings, replacing face-to-face interactions, including meetings with local stakeholders or training sessions with smallholders.

Overall, the 2020 targets promised to donors have been achieved although with some adjustments. Inobu’s donors welcomed our suggestions to adjust the targets due to social restrictions. Our programs in Fakfak made significant progress because 6 members of Inobu staff were unable to return home due to the pandemic. The process of mapping the indigenous peoples’ territories at the petuanan level could be completed. In Central Kalimantan, an RSPO certification audit for independent smallholders was conducted virtually and followed by an on-site audit so that all assisted smallholders can maintain the RSPO certification even during the pandemic. Virtual meetings with the Seruyan and West Kotawaringin district governments that were held on a regular basis due to the pandemic have actually increased the local governments’ understanding of jurisdictional certification. Ecosystem restoration activities have begun and there are many lessons learned to improve the effectiveness in the future. Details of the achievements in 2020 are elaborated in this report.

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Annual Report 2020



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