Amalia Paramitha

Research Officer (Agri-food Systems)

Amalia Paramitha is one of our Research Officer in Agri-food Systems team, specializing in Bioresources, joining Inobu in June 2020. Amalia provides support in conducting research, studies, and fieldwork related to bioresources, including forest products, farming, and aquaculture, as well as management of natural resources. Amalia graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Padjadjaran University and Master’s Degree in Bioresources Science from Mie University in Japan. Previously, Amalia worked at a research institute of Center for Environment and Sustainability Science in Bandung and contributed to projects related to biodiversity, ecosystem service, and land use. Amalia also has experience in the agriculture sector in coffee plantations in West Java, Indonesia, and the aquaculture sector in the pearl industry in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Get in touch with Amalia at