Development without deforestation: A different path for Indonesian farmers?

An agroforestry garden in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia Although Indonesia has become synonymous with tropical deforestation in recent decades, an alternative model of rural development is possible that both protects biodiversity while improving the welfare of rural Indonesians. Diversified agroforestry systems, which have traditionally dominated Indonesian farming for hundreds, if not thousands of years, could form […]

Everyday Inspiration : Mr. Heremba, a nutmeg farmer from Fakfak District, West Papua

Mohammad Heremba is a charismatic and humorous farmer of Papuan Nutmeg (Myristica argentea). His village, Pang Wadar, is located one hour’s drive from the district capital in Fakfak District, which can be reached after seven hours of flying from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. For generations, his family have lived from harvesting wild nutmeg. The nutmeg […]

Tracking sustainable palm oil and defining jurisdictional sustainability at scale

Simpler, more affordable and scalable, yet trustworthy, approaches may help, in complement to certification, which remains an important tool for many companies as well as a source of inspiration and best practice. A trustworthy system is built on transparency and easy, objective methods of verification. Measuring sustainability performance at the jurisdiction level, based on a […]

Oil Palm in Indonesia

Tropical deforestation, forest fires, and peatland degradation in Indonesia are a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss. Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is one of the more visible and profitable agricultural commodities driving the expansion of industrial and small-scale plantations into forest and peatland areas. Although they are not the primary driver of […]

Report: A Profile of Oil Palm Smallholders and the Challenges of Farming Independently

Ensuring that independent, small-scale oil palm farmers are cultivating oil palm sustainably and productively is an integral step to in reducing the environmental harm caused by oil palm cultivation. To achieve that goal, we first should study these farmers and where they are. This study aims to improve the understanding about independent, small-scale oil palm […]

Sulistyowati Irianto

Board of Trustees Sulistyowati Irianto is a Professor of Anthropology in Universitas Indonesia (UI), specializing in the feminist anthropology of law. She conducted an array of research and published books on law and public policy as well as women’s rights in Indonesia. She earned a Bachelor of Public Administration from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), followed […]

Herman Orisu

Engagement Officer Herman is the Engagement Officer at Inobu. He graduated with a Bachelor of Agriculture from Cenderawasih State University, Manokwari in 1991. Prior to joining Inobu, Herman has had an extensive career supporting rural development and conservation in West Papua. He has worked with intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), […]

Fauzan Kemal Musthofa

Research Assistant (Data Analyst) Fauzan Kemal Musthofa is a Research Assistant specialized in socio-economic data. Kemal conducts data analyses and provides research assistance to Inobu’s projects, mostly related to farmers and farming systems. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universitas Indonesia. Prior to joining Inobu in May 2019, he was a project-based research […]

Adinda Canserera Milaba

Field Staff   Adinda Canserera Milaba is one of our new Field Staff. Dinda finished her Bachelor of Forestry at Universitas Gadjah Mada and joined Inobu in April 2019. She provides support for Inobu’s work on ecosystem restoration and has experience in conducting biodiversity surveys. During her studies, she joined several biodiversity expeditions such as: […]

Anestia Berlianda

Administration Assistant Anestia Berlianda is our Administration Assistant in Bogor office. Anes’ duties include managing office supplies for day-to-day office activities, coordinating events and maintaining organization’s filing system related with inventory and office documents. Previously, Anes worked at Shopee Indonesia as a Payment Analyst. Anes also worked as a private tutor in Mathematics and Physics […]