The Central Kalimantan Roadmap Executive Summary


Central Kalimantan has a vigorous, productive palm oil sector that contributes 28% of the province’s GDRP, generates 165,600 jobs, and that pro- vides incomes to many smallholder families. Palm oil production is often as- sociated with deforestation, which could become an important barrier to access- ing palm oil markets, while diminishing the long-term well-being of Central Ka- limantan society. Deforestation could be reduced or ended by increasing the pro- ductivity of existing palm oil plantations and by redirecting expansion of palm oil plantations onto lands that are already cleared and far below their productive potential. To achieve this transition, im- portant obstacles must be overcome. This roadmap, developed with input and support from several Districts, palm oil companies, and civil society organiza- tions, summarizes a plan for reducing deforestation while increasing palm oil production and elevating rural incomes of smallholder families.

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