Tani Subur Village Unit Cooperative: The Second Independent, Smallholder Association in Indonesia To Receive ISPO Certification

December 14, 2017. The Indonesian palm oil sector has made major progress this year in certifying smallholders. RSPO certificates were given to Indonesian smallholders at last month’s RT15 event, and this month, the Ministry of Agriculture awarded Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificates. ISPO certification is part of the national government’s commitment towards achieving sustainable oil palm plantations. Similar to RSPO’s certification requirements, although with some key differences, ISPO certification provides evidence that Indonesian palm oil is produced sustainably.

Coinciding with the 60th commemoration of Plantation Day, ISPO certificates were handed out at the Institut Pertanian Stiper (INSTIPER) Yogyakarta campus (December 10, 2017), by the Agricultural Ministry’s Director General of Plantations, Bambang. Out of 46 of the ISPO awardees, there were two Village Unit Cooperatives (KUD), including the Tani Subur independent, smallholder cooperative from Pangkalan Tiga, Kotawaringin Barat district, Central Kalimantan. It is worth mentioning that Tani Subur KUD is only the second, independent smallholder cooperative unit that has received the ISPO certificate in Indonesia. Suyamto, the Pangkalan Tiga Village Head, accepted the award. This achievement should be highlighted, as there is still a lack of participation by independent smallholders and their KUDs or farmers association in the ISPO certification process.

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Seruni Soewondo