Seruyan District Working Group

First meeting – March 11, 2016

Summary – The Seruyan District Working Group agreed on the following:

  • Achieving 2016 target (mapping all oil palm smallholder farmers in Seruyan Districts and empowering smallholders in three pilot villages to achieve ISPO/RSPO certification).
  • Large Commercial Plantations (PBS) and Palm Oil Mills (PKS) in Seruyan District will support the mapping program and smallholder empowerment. PBS and PKS will coordinate with the Forestry and Plantation Agency of Seruyan District along with INOBU to implement smallholder mapping.
  • INOBU will help the Forestry and Plantation Agency of Seruyan District to following up the assessment of high conservation value (HCV) and high carbon value areas in the district, including preparing the Terms of Reference (TOR).

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Second meeting – October 6, 2016

Summary – The Seruyan Working Group reached the following consensus:

  • Mapping activities should involve direct land owners and land boundary witnesses as well as village government representatives in order to avoid conflicts regarding land boundaries.
  • There is urgent need to educate the public on the difference between certificates and certification through socialization of mapping.
  • The Committee has been established to solve land disputes, particularly for land communities located within the concessions.
  • The District Government will encourage the provision of Registration Letters of Cultivation to farmers who are already mapped and located outside forest areas. In parallel to this, the government has been preparing a decree at the district level regarding Letters of Cultivation registration for farmers.
  • To empower farmers, there is need to explore the development of the Agricultural Facility in cooperation with stakeholders;  which consists of representatives of district governments, palm oil companies, farmer organizations and INOBU. The Facility will help empower farmers in the field, such as organizational development, training, supply of fertilizers and seeds, among others.

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