How commodities are produced or natural resources extracted can have various effects on nature and society. Finding solutions that are sustainable, equitable and profitable are rarely simple or easy. These solutions, however, are possible. Understanding why problems emerge and how to solve them requires examining the interplay of social, political, economic, cultural and ecological processes. At INOBU, our staff include leading Indonesian experts in the fields of environmental policy, law, economics and spatial analysis. We also maintain strong connections with universities and civil society to ensure we employ the best researchers to produce the highest quality research.

Our research is designed to inform government, civil society and communities so they can more easily understand the issues related to the management of the land and sea in Indonesia and make more informed policies and decisions. We also work with different levels of government, civil society and communities to define research topics that are important to them, and investigate them together.

As a research institute, INOBU aims to carry out innovative research to produce policy advice and develop technology for sustainable natural resources management and agricultural production systems. INOBU also focuses on training young researchers, supporting local NGOs that focus on conducting research on environment and natural resources around the country and also building networks with Indonesian and international universities. INOBU’s researchers will be trained to publish in international recognized journal publishers and will regularly publish articles in national new papers to communicate the results of the research programs.