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Technological Innovation

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Many of the environmental issues we face today call for changes at the level of systems. At INOBU, we develop technological solutions that can transform how we manage the environment. The recently launched oil palm plantation monitoring system, SIPKEBUN, typifies INOBU’s technological innovations that are providing new ways of monitoring and solving environmental challenges.


Deforestation has become a significant risk in commodity supply chains, including palm oil, which is difficult to manage. To understand where deforestation happens, who is responsible for it, why it occurs and how to manage it, INOBU developed SIPKEBUN (Sistem Informasi dan Pemantauan Kinerja Perkebunan Berkelanjutan or “Information and Performance Monitoring System for Sustainable Plantations”), an online monitoring system that can be accessed by government, companies, communities and eventually, by the public. The system integrates information on oil palm growers—from industrial scale plantations to independent smallholder farmers. For the first time, the Indonesian government will be able to electronically monitor all oil palm growers, introducing a powerful foundation for the creation of performance incentives to make palm oil sustainable in Indonesia.

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Indonesia Bi-lateral Information System

Currently being developed by INOBU, SIMBI is an online information system for the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. SIMBI is a database of Financial Bi-lateral Agreements between Indonesia and other countries, designed to also be a data generator for those agreements. This system will be used to store agreements, create meeting agendas for the users, and to generate reports from financial bi-lateral meetings.

Mobile device application for smallholder mapping in Central Kalimantan

Mapping smallholder farmers is one of INOBU’s leading project activities. The mapping process is the first step for registering farmers and, eventually, providing them with support. To support this process, INOBU developed a mobile device application. The application enables surveyors to collect primary data (including geo-referenced smallholder maps with a high-level of accuracy) and upload the data to a centralized dashboard in real time. The dashboard is connected with the Plantation Monitoring System (SIPKEBUN).

International Climate Finance Tracking

INOBU developed a beta version for the Ministry of Finance to track international climate finance. The system records all international climate finance, the distribution of finance among regions and the outputs as well as the impact of the finance.