Project name:

Seruyan District – Smallholders Certification Program

Project description:

Seruyan is one of the leading palm oil producing districts of Central Kalimantan, producing roughly 30 thousands ton/year. In 2015, the Head of Seruyan District publicly announced the district’s commitment for the jurisdictional certification of palm oil. Our jurisdictional certification program is built on a diverse multi-stakeholder platform consisting of government, the private sector, and smallholder farmer groups.


To date, 3,105 smallholder farmers have been mapped in Seruyan through a joint effort between INOBU and commercial palm growers. The data and maps from this activity will be incorporated into the plantation monitoring system (SIPKEBUN). Seruyan district has also established a multi-stakeholder Working Group, set up to facilitate dialogues and develop work plans for realizing the provincial goal of 100 percent deforestation and conflict-free palm oil by 2019.

our-work-central-kalimantan-1024x400 Seruyan District - Smallholders Certification Program

Happening now

In 2017, INOBU is implementing the jurisdictional certification program, beginning with analyses that support reducing deforestation and protecting HCV areas. Working with the provincial and district levels of government, INOBU support the development of a new oil palm plantation licensing system to ensure that future licenses do not cause deforestation or negatively impact HCV areas.

Opportunities. INOBU is developing plans to support smallholder farmers throughout the district.

Learn more. INOBU is proud to present the results of our jurisdictional certification efforts in the Seruyan and the important milestones the district has reached. In this report, we also identify the gaps that have emerged on the pathway to jurisdictional certification.

Download Jurisdictional Certification in Seruyan, Central Kalimantan: Progress and Way Forward.