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Jurisdictional Sourcing

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Jurisdictional sourcing could become the leading vehicle for achieving sustainability in major commodity supply chains. With the support of the Packard Foundation, Norad, IKI-Germany, Unilever and Earth Innovation Institute, INOBU is leading efforts in Central Kalimantan to develop sustainable jurisdictions from which palm oil can be sourced. The former governor of Central Kalimantan, Teras Narang, announced his commitment to achieve 100 percent sustainable palm oil on the sidelines of the 2015 Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force (GCF) meeting in Barcelona. Facilitated by INOBU, three key districts in Central Kalimantan have also pledged to end deforestation at the local level. These three districts are in the implementation phase of flagship jurisdictional palm oil programs.

Kotawaringin Barat District

In 2016, the village of Pangkalan Tiga in Kotawaringin Barat district was selected as the pilot village for the certification of 600 farmers – a project led by INOBU in partnership with Unilever, RSPO and ISPO. Pangkalan Tiga aspires to become the first sustainable palm oil village in Indonesia by the end of 2017.

Seruyan District

Seruyan is one of the leading palm oil producing districts of Central Kalimantan, producing roughly 30 thousand tonnes per year. In 2015, the Head of Seruyan District publicly announced the district’s commitment for the jurisdictional certification of palm oil. Our jurisdictional certification program is built on a diverse multi-stakeholder platform consisting of government, the private sector, and smallholder farmer groups.

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Gunung Mas District

Gunung Mas is a small district in Central Kalimantan, having separated from Kapuas district in 2002. In 2015, the district had 275 smallholder farmers. Although it is relatively small compared to Seruyan and Kotawaringin Barat, Gunung Mas is as committed as its counterpart districts. Gunung Mas came on board INOBU’s jurisdictional certification program in early 2016. INOBU facilitated the establishment of a Working Group that consists of government, private sector actors (plantation and other companies), as well as representatives of smallholder farmer groups in Gunung Mas. Together with the Working Group, INOBU is working to establish targets for the district and move them along the pathway towards jurisdictional certification.

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