Project name:

Gunung Mas District – Smallholders Certification Program

Project description:

Gunung Mas is a small district in Central Kalimantan, having separated from Kapuas district in 2002. The district produced 60 tons of crude palm oil (CPO) in 2014. Although it is relatively small compared to Seruyan and Kotawaringin Barat, Gunung Mas is as committed as its counterpart districts.

The program

Gunung Mas came on board INOBU’s jurisdictional certification program in early 2016. INOBU facilitated the establishment of a Working Group that consists of government, private sector actors (plantation and other companies), as well as representatives of smallholder farmer groups in Gunung Mas. Together with the Working Group, INOBU  is establishing targets for the district to support them achieving jurisdictional certification.


To date, 281 smallholder farmers have been mapped in Gunung Mas through the jurisdictional certification program, laying a foundation for monitoring, certification and traceability. The Gunung Mas Working Group is facilitating the design of a sustainable palm oil sector in the district. The Working Group agreed to assist farmers whose farms are located outside the forest areas to obtain STD-B (cultivation licenses).

088-pa173640-1024x576 Gunung Mas District - Smallholders Certification Program

Happening now. In 2017, the jurisdictional program in Gunung Mas has proceeded to the implementation phase.