Project name:

SIPKEBUN – Tech Innovation for Sustainable Oil Palm

Project description:

Deforestation has become a significant risk in commodity supply chains, including palm oil, which is difficult to manage. To understand where deforestation happens, who is responsible for it, why it occurs and how to manage it, INOBU developed SIPKEBUN, an online monitoring system that can be accessed by government, companies, communities and eventually, by the public. The system integrates information on oil palm growers—from industrial scale plantations to independent smallholder farmers. For the first time, the Indonesian government will be able to electronically monitor all oil palm growers, introducing a powerful foundation for the creation of performance incentives to make palm oil sustainable in Indonesia.


SIPKEBUN—which stands for Sistem Informasi dan Pemantauan Kinerja Perkebunan Berkelanjutan or “Information and Performance Monitoring System for Sustainable Plantations,”—is the product of close collaboration between INOBU and the government of Central Kalimantan. Through geo-referenced data inputted into SIPKEBUN, governments now have easy access to information such as independent smallholders, statistical data and analysis for the plantation sector, basic company information including Plantation Business Assessment, environmental performance conditions such as fires, deforestation, degraded lands, and regulatory compliance. Social data is overlayed to show the legality aspects and social data including tenure, community complaints, and conflicts. SIPKEBUN is a foundation for traceability – where buyers can trace the supply chain and compliance with sustainability requirements.


SIPKEBUN2-02-1024x576 SIPKEBUN - Tech Innovation for Sustainable Oil Palm


SIPKEBUN is as an acceleration towards Indonesia’s e-government goal. It replaces the current paper-based systems for collecting land-use data, integrating multiple types of land management data on a single online platform. –

Ir. Bambang MM, the Director General of Plantations (Ministry of Agriculture), emphasizing the important role of automation to replace archaic monitoring processes during the launch of SIPKEBUN in Jakarta in October 2016.

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