The Indonesian archipelago, extends from Aceh in the west, Papua in the East, the Philippines to the north and Australia to the south. The land masses encompass the whole or parts of massive islands such as Papua (New Guinea), Kalimantan (Borneo), Sumatra and Sulawesi to small, tiny islands such as those of the Thousand Island area off Jakarta. In the south eastern areas of Indonesia, grassy savannahs cover much of the land, whereas in other parts of Indonesia, the interior of many islands covered by tropical forests. Across most of Indonesia, the expansion of agriculture and other land uses threatens much of the natural, terrestrial ecosystems. Land uses can include anything from the cultivation of export cash crops such as palm oil, food crops including rice, to extractive land uses such as forestry and mining. At INOBU, we strive to find ways that land, forests and other terrestrial ecosystems can be managed sustainably.