Development of Plantation Conflict Management Systems and Jurisdiction-Based FPIC Workshop

A workshop entitled “Development of Plantation Conflict Management Systems and Jurisdiction-Based FPIC” was held. FPIC stands for Free, Prior and Informed Consent. In Indonesia, it is commonly referred to as PADIATAPA, which stands for Persetujuan Atas Dasar Informasi di Awal Tanpa Paksaan.

FPIC is a principle that guarantees that the rights of indigenous and local communities are recognized in each development plan.

The workshop was held on 9 August in the hall of Seruyan District Head’s office. This is a collaboration between the Government of Seruyan District, INOBU and the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP).

From the Government of Seruyan District, the workshop was led directly by the Regional Secretary of Seruyan District, followed by the Head of the Agriculture and Food Security Agency. INOBU was represented by Bernadinus Steni, while FPP was represented by Marcus Colchester.

This workshop was one of the first steps for developing conflict monitoring systems at the village level, building a conflict handling system that connects the village level to the district level and encouraging the resolution of conflicts using the principle of FPIC in the development and operation of plantation businesses.

This workshop generated an agreement on three things:

(1) to handle conflicts, it is necessary to conduct participatory mapping of rights at the level of the smallest social units, such as villages.

(2) it is necessary to involve independent teams to monitor the resolution of conflicts in plantations and the use of the FPIC principle by plantation companies.

(3) it is necessary to hold meetings with the private sector to discuss conflicts that occur, so that efforts to encourage conflict resolution can be accepted and implemented by all parties.