Central Kalimantan

The province of Central Kalimantan, located in the Indonesian part of Borneo, is one of the largest provinces in Indonesia. The province is home to charismatic fauna such as the orangutan, proboscis monkey and sun bears that live among the biologically diverse forests and peat swamps. The people of Central Kalimantan are diverse too: the indigenous Dayak live among the Banjarese and more recent migrants from other parts of Indonesia. Over recent decades, the province has developed rapidly, largely due the expansion of commercial agriculture and exploitation of natural resources.

Economic Development, People & The Environment

Economic development, however, has come at the expense of the natural environment. Forests and peat land are converted to farmland leading to the loss of biological diversity and habitat, and increased emissions of greenhouse gases. Our work in Central Kalimantan seeks to determine: How can economic development in Central Kalimantan proceed without the degradation of the natural environment? How can such environmentally sustainable development benefit the poor and respect the rights of indigenous people?

Our Work in Central Kalimantan

Since 2012, INOBU and Earth Innovation Institute (EII) have been working with the provincial government of Central Kalimantan to ensure that the cultivation of oil palm is sustainable, equitable and recognizes the rights of indigenous people. Together, we supported the creation of the “Central Kalimantan Roadmap to Low-Deforestation Rural Development”. We are working in three districts: Gunung Mas, Kotawaringin Barat and Seruyan, to pilot jurisdiction level certification of palm oil. Kotawaringin Barat and Seruyan have also been selected as pilot sites for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) initiative for jurisdictional certification, strengthening our collaboration and outcomes.

Links and Opportunities

The Private Sector Link

The private sector plays a critical role of supporting these initiatives by purchasing palm oil from districts certified as being sustainable.

The National Government Link

Support from the national government is needed to recognize the initiatives of these districts, validate their monitoring systems and support the design of mechanisms to incentivize initiatives for sustainability.

The International Community Link

The international community can fund incentive mechanisms and expand the initiatives to other districts in Central Kalimantan and beyond.

Learn more about our smallholder certification program in Seruyan and Gunung Mas.