INOBU Brief: Mapping Smallholder Oil Palm Farmers: Innovations in Technology & Practice

The sustainability of palm oil supply chains relies on being able to trace the commodity from origin to production and processing. Consumers want to know that the palm oil they use has not led to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions or the destruction of the habitat of endangered animals. To provide a product that satisfies their consumers, companies need to be able trace the origins of their palm oil and verify that it was produced sustainably. INOBU is assisting Central Kalimantan Province to map oil palm smallholders using several pieces of integrated technology, designed to expedite the mapping process for a target of 6,500 farmers in one of Indonesia’s leading oil palm supply locations.

Learn more about our mapping technology and how the mapping process is the foundation for a future of sustainable palm oil.

Download the Mapping Brief in English

Download the Mapping Brief in Indonesian