Jurisdictional Learning Exchange (led by AMAN)

Jurisdictional Learning Exchange (led by AMAN)

The Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (AMAN), an independent indigenous peoples-based organization with a vision to create a just and prosperous life for all Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia, hosts this Jurisdictional Learning Exchange. Indigenous people (IP) are important stakeholders if GCF Members States and Provinces are to achieve their commitments on climate change mitigation. Several global agreements on climate change, including the Cancun and Paris Agreements recognize the importance of indigenous peoples’ in forest protection—an important strategy for mitigating climate change. GCF Members explicitly acknowledged that role through the Rio Branco Declaration (Acre, 2014). In the run-up to the 2017 GCF Annual Meeting, IP organizations in GCF states held meetings to articulate the IP role in climate mitigation. In addition, IP organizations and government representatives held a global meeting in Klamath, California, in August 2017—proposing a three-pillar framework (Klamath Letter).

This exchange brings together government representatives in dialogue with representatives from major IP groups in GCF states, including COICA, APIB and AMPB, as well as civil society groups focused on securing IP rights in the context of conservation. It will be an explorative discussion highlighting best practices from states and province that are making significant progressive towards integrating IPs into forest protection and climate mitigation. The Exchange explores the role the GCF can play as a catalyst to accelerate the achievement of fundamental rights for indigenous peoples, as outlined in the Klamath Letter. The expected outcome of the Exchange is a set of guidelines for Action Plans that will be developed in the respective jurisdictions.


/Gov. Manuel Gambini (Ucayali, Peru)/

/Vice Gov. Mohamad Lakotani (West Papua, Indonesia)/

/Ricardo Hernandez (State of Chiapas, Mexico)/

/Eliezer Oliveira (Advisor at the State Secretary of Environment – Rondonia)/

/Magdalena Ruiz (Secretary of Environment – Jalisco, Mexico)/

/Magaly Medeiros (Acre, Brazil)/

/Alfonso (COICA)/

/Candido Mezua (AMPB)/

/Monang Arifin Saleh (AMAN)/

/Martin Labo (Malinau District, Indonesia).