Jurisdictional Learning Exchange (Sponsored by GGGI)

Jurisdictional Learning Exchange (Sponsored by GGGI)

This Jurisdictional Learning Exchange is hosted by Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and focuses on Green Investment for Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation. Experts will share their insights and lessons learned from various Green Economy initiatives in Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico. The Exchange will be kicked off by Dr. Nur Masripatin (Director General of Climate Change in the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry) discussing the funding architecture for REDD+ in Indonesia. Dr. Rusmadi (Secretary of provincial government of East Kalimantan) will share on the Emission Reduction Program in the province. Providing the Brazilian perspective, Alex Marega (Deputy State Secretary of Environment, Mato Grosso) will share lessons-learned from Mato Grosso (MT) Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI) Strategy, and Meire Carreira (State Secretary of Environment, Tocantins) will share lessons-learned from Tocantins Integrated Sustainable Regional Development Plan.

The Exchange will be further enriched by insights from Mexico: the Minister of Environmental Affairs of Quintana Roo (a part of the Yucatan Peninsula), Alfredo Arellano, will close off this Jurisdictional Learning Exchange by highlighting the Yucatan experience on the topic of Green Investment.


/Nur Masripatin (Director General of Climate Change Mitigation – Indonesia) (TBC)/

/Rusmadi (Province Secretary of East Kalimantan)/

/Alex Marega (Deputy State Secretary of Environment- Mato Grosso)/

/Meire Carreira (State Secretary of Environment Tocantins)/

/Alfredo Arellano (The Minister of Environmental affairs of Quintana Roo).