2017 GCF Annual Meeting
Balikpapan Statement
25 - 29 September 2017
Inclusive Green Economies
Balikpapan Statement
#1 - Sustainable Commodities
#2 - Protecting Rights of Indigenous Peoples
#3 - Financial Mechanisms

What is the GCF

Launched in 2009 by ten Governors from Brazil, Indonesia, and the U.S., the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF) was designed to advance jurisdiction-wide approaches to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) and low emissions development. Since 2009, the GCF has more than tripled its membership (from 10 to 35) and expanded its reach to include jurisdictions from nine countries (Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Spain, and the United States).

One-fourth of the world’s tropical forests are in GCF states and provinces, including more than three-fourths of Brazil’s and Peru’s and more than half of Indonesia’s.

What is the GCF Annual Meeting

The GCF Annual Meeting, hosted by the 2017 GCF Chair, East Kalimantan, is a unique opportunity to advance commitments GCF member states and provinces have made to build robust jurisdictional programs to protect forests and climate while enhancing livelihoods. In particular, GCF members are looking to achieve commitments made in the Rio Branco Declaration signed at the 2014 GCF Annual Meeting, in which GCF members agreed to reduce deforestation 80% by 2020, contingent upon the receipt of international financing. A provisional agenda with more details will be available in the resources tab.

The Annual Meeting is free to attend and open to all GCF stakeholders. Attendees must register in advance and are responsible for their travel expenses (transportation, hotel and meals). Interpretation will be provided throughout the meeting for GCF member languages: English, Indonesian, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Balikpapan Statement

The Balikpapan Statement is an initiative designed to find practical solutions for reducing tropical deforestation. It is built on the understanding that national governments and many companies have made commitments to both reduce deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, which they too have struggled to implement. Realizing these commitments requires that these diverse groups come together and agree on strategies which are locally relevant and mutually beneficial.

The Balikpapan Statement is a multi-phase process, beginning with the GCF meeting in Balikpapan, to find real and practical ways for reducing deforestation and fighting climate change. The Balikpapan Statement has three main pillars: (1) sustainable commodities; (2) financing; and (3) indigenous communities. The Statement is expected to give momentum to building inclusive green economies in the world’s tropics, and is supported by all 35 Governors of the GCF representing 8 countries and over a third of the world’s remaining tropical forests.

Speakers and Panelists

GCF Annual Meeting Program

The GCF Annual Meeting runs for 4 days from 25 - 28 September, 2017 - followed by a day of field trips.
We also provide free lunch and coffee breaks each day for registered attendees.
Day 1
25 Sep 2017
Day 2
26 Sep 2017
Day 3
27 Sep 2017
Day 4
28 Sep 2017
Day 5
29 Sep 2017

Opening Remarks

Governor Awang Faroek, East Kalimantan, Indonesia Siti Nurbaya Bakar,  Minister of Environment and Forestry for Indonesia William Boyd, GCF Project Lead
H.E. Dr. Siti Nurbaya Bakar
Hon. Governor Awang Ishak Faroek
William C. Boyd

Announcement from Government of Norway

Per Pharo, Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) Director

Jurisdictional Learning Exchange (Sponsored by TNC)

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) sponsors this Jurisdictional Learning Exchange on “Enhancing Partnerships for Jurisdictional Green Development.” It features GCF Members: East Kalimantan Province (Indonesia), the State of Pará (Brazil), and the Region of San Martin (Peru).
Governor Simao Jatene
Neisser Bartra

Jurisdictional Learning Exchange (sponsored by SICCR-TAC EU)

The Jurisdictional Learning Exchange: Financing Community Driven Conservation and REDD+ is sponsored by SICCR-TAC EU and is designed as a platform for sharing experiences in promoting the use of public funds for forest conservation.
Roni Ahmad
Alberto “Dande” Tavares

Jurisdictional Learning Exchange (led by AMAN)

The Exchange explores the role the GCF can play as a catalyst to accelerate the achievement of fundamental rights for indigenous peoples, as outlined in the Klamath Letter. The expected outcome of the Exchange is a set of guidelines for Action Plans that will be developed in the respective jurisdictions.
Manuel Gambini Rupay
Magdalena Ruiz
Vice Governor Mohamad Lakotani
Ricardo Hernández Sánchez

Jurisdictional Learning Exchange (Sponsored by GGGI)

This Jurisdictional Learning Exchange is hosted by Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and focuses on Green Investment for Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation. Experts will share their insights and lessons learned from various Green Economy initiatives in Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico.
Alfredo Arellano
Nur Masripatin
Alex Sandro Antonio Marega
Meire Carreira

GCF Governors and High-Level Dignitary Plenary Session: Remarks

Gov. Awang Faroek, East Kalimantan, Indonesia Gov. Lukas Enembe, Papua, Indonesia Gov. Cornelis, West Kalimantan, Indonesia Gov. Domingus Mandacan, West Papua, Indonesia Gov. Sebastião Viana, Acre, Brazil Gov. Simão Jatene,...
Read More

High-Level Roundtable #1

“Building Inclusive Green Economies” Panelists /Gov. Mandacan (West Papua, Indonesia)/ /Gov. Noriega (San Martin, Peru)/ /Darrel Webber (RSPO)/ /Hasyim Djojohadikusumo (Arsari, TBC)/ /Dharsono Hartono (RMU)/ /Vedis Vik Government of Norway...
Read More
Hon. Governor Dominggus Mandacan
Hashim Djojohadikusumo
Hon. Gov. Victor Manual Noriega
Dharsono Hartono
Darrel Webber

High-Level Roundtable #2

“Subnational Leadership and Action in a Post-Paris World” Panelists /Governor Tião Viana (Acre, Brazil)/ /Frances Seymour (The David & Lucille Packard Foundation)/ /Sarwono Kusumaatmaja (Indonesia Advisory Council for Climate Change)/...
Read More
Rukka Sombolinggi
Richard Corey
Norma Tregurtha
Sarwono Kusumaatmadja
Frances Seymour
Hon. Governor Tiao Viana

Field trips hosted by East Kalimantan and/or departure

Explore the unique biodiversity and culture of the island of Borneo with one of the field trips offered. Watch this space for details.

Balikpapan Statement in the News

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