Web-based Sustainable Jurisdiction Monitoring for A Better Development Planning in West Papua

The National Bureau of Statistics (Badan Pusat Statistik Nasional) noted that nutmegs is the third largest spice commodity after peppers and cinnamons from Indonesia. In 2016, the export value of nutmeg reached 44.1 million US dollars or, using the exchange rate today, about 617 billion Rupiah. Meanwhile, Fakfak district in, West Papua, in the same year produced 1,1884 tons of nutmegs per year, which is equal to 11% of the total national nutmegs production.

Nutmeg forests in West Papua are on land controlled by Marga or indigenous clans. Without good governance of nutmeg forestss and legal protection of the rights of indigenous Papuans to their lands, there is a risk of deforestation and degradation. In line with this, the management of nutmegs and other commodities must be based on accurate data, which is a policy that has been underlying the establishment of a plantation policy. This has been mandated by Law No.39 of 2014 on plantations.

The provincial goverment of West Papua and Yayasan Penelitian Inovasi Bumi (INOBU), with support from the European Forest Institute (EFI), launched a Web-Based Jurisdiction Monitoring System in West Papua. The platform that monitors the performance of jurisdictional sustainability indicators that encompass social, environmental, and economic issues. The platform is also linked to a system for monitoring plantation commodities called the Sustainable Plantation Information and Monitoring System or SIPKEBUN. In West Papua, the system contains nutmeg farm data, such as: socio-economic information, nutmeg forest boundaries and data related to, nutmeg forest and post-harvest management, all this data is required to support the good governance of the nutmeg supply chain.

EFI-LAUNCH_Bapak-Nikolas-225x300 Web-based Sustainable Jurisdiction Monitoring for A Better Development Planning in West PapuaMr. Nikolas Saidui, Chief Executive of the Planning Agency of West Papua welcomes the launch of a web-based sustainable jurisdiction monitoring system. He said, “The development planning process is always constrained by the availability of accurate data. This Web-Based Jurisdiction Monitoring System will greatly facilitate development planning in West Papua. ”

Through this Web-Based Jurisdiction Monitoring System, the provincial and district governments in West Papua, can access and utilize the data portal to assist in planning and measuring the performance of policy implementation. Complementing this system with agricultural plantation data, SIPKEBUN provides actual information on plantations, especially Papuan nutmeg farmers, which can be used for connecting farmers with export markets.

The information from these systems will become an integral part of the efforts of the government to sensure the sustainable and inclusive production of commodities in West Papua.